Carlton Gebbia

Carlton reflects on Kyle's argument, Nipple-Gate and if she thinks Mrs. Mauricio-Umanksy is a good person.

on Feb 5

No matter what my feelings were towards Joyce, upon her request which I respect, we had a lunch to sort out misconceptions and anything else. I was honest with her at lunch, I told her what I had said and felt about her and her husband's comments the first time we met -- plus some other truths. So there were no surprises or hypocrisy, she knew but maybe she forgot. I was truly upset at the idea that she thought I would put a spell on her family, especially her children, when what happened at Yolanda's was a tongue-in-cheek reaction to her yet another ridiculous challenge.

Watching Kyle's talking head as she's constantly rude about Lisa (her friend) only compounds and confirms my feelings towards her. Talk about smiling at one's face and then stabbing them in the back. But I guess that's her M.O. I know I'm not wrong about her, and I definitely know I'm not the only one who feels this.

Lisa's dinner. . .Please understand the only reason we went was for Ken and Lisa. David and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa and Ken, he has a wonderful dry sense of humor and we always have a good giggle. I apologized, of course, to Lisa for the next theatrics! Definitely not my intention for this hideous argument to ensue but when goaded consistently, yeah, eventually I am going to bite. . .Reaching this crescendo of digs, insults, innuendos, and challenges -- yep now I'm done!