Carlton Gebbia

Carlton hoped her gut reaction to Kyle was wrong, but after dinner she thinks she got it right the first time.

on Nov 11, 2013

Be forewarned this one maybe long too. . .

Last week I told you a little about my faith. Now this is about who I am sans my beliefs and an opportunity to introduce my beautiful family.

I apologize to those In advance but I do swear a lot. If you find it offensive, I'm sorry. I don't always behave accordingly. I'm not always classy and pretty. I certainly have a mouth on me. I like to drink tequila and party with my hubby and our amazing friends. I love to have fun and be silly and you will see moments of me that will probably make my own toes curl, but I can admit when I am wrong. I believe in the underdog, and I can't stand injustice or prejudice of any kind. Most importantly I live for my family. I am devoted to my husband and to my children.

This journey on RHOBH is ultimately my reality on fast forward.

Welcome to our Sanctuary. I have been designing houses with my brother-in-law for about 10 years but this one was a true personal labor of love, three years in the making. Obviously, I'm drawn to gothic architecture. I was inspired by Victorian Gothic architect and designer (amongst other talents), Augustus Pugin who was a pioneer in 19th Century gothic revival. I grew up all over England and had the wonderful opportunity to see many beautiful gothic buildings. Of course you'll notice I have an affinity for crosses. I'm Pagan so hopefully this will make sense, but I also like a lot of other religious symbols -- not just my own faiths. . .I appreciate and have respect for all religions. In a perfect world it would be wonderful if they could all coexist.