Carlton Gebbia

No matter how hard Carlton tries she can't like Kyle or understand Joyce's need to bring high school into things.

on Dec 9, 2013

I do have tattoos and I love all six of them. They are personal and spiritual to me representing my faith, my soulmate, and my children. Thankfully no drunk ones yet! But whether or not you like tattoos they are an art form. A lot of these tattooists are true artists; some fine artists in every sense of the word. I love seeing them on my body. They make me smile.

Which leads me to being asked about my faith in the pool. . .Fan-f---ing-Tastic! Nothing like being put on the spot. I was surprised that Kyle seemed to notice the little one on my foot, which is of a pentagram. I am incredibly hesitant to talk to a couple of these girls about what I believe in. I'm certainly not seeking their approval, as they don't need mine for their religious choices either -- which is the obvious reason why one shouldn't discuss religion or politics. However I am urged to. Up until this journey of RHOBH, I never discussed my faith with strangers, and only my inner circle knew of my beliefs. This is largely due to my experience growing up and constantly having to defend it because people feared or didn't understand it.

I've been asked to clarify a little more about what my faith is. I am a Pagan. My religion is Wicca, which is a positive nature based faith and I am a solitary practitioner. As I've said before there is no one true definition of my faith and I've never professed to be an authority. But I practice what works for me and I most certainly don't feel the need to justify it. I am not here to convert, recruit, or change anyone's religious or spiritual beliefs. There are a few girls here who genuinely do have a curiosity. I was asked a question and I answered with what I was comfortable with sharing at that time. If I sense it's coming from a genuine place of interest, then my answers will often be more in-depth. But if I sense it's not and I'm dealing with pre-judgements, then I will answer more one-dimensionally because I refuse to unveil and share something so sacred to me.

Oh and then there's Joyce with her clueless quote "I have a god that is so much more powerful than any witch in the world." Wow! You have just insulted and dismissed an organized religion where by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are practicing Pagans and Wiccans. A religion that is recognized in the United States Military. This is by the far one of the most ignorant and prejudice statements I've ever heard from someone I unfortunately know. Sadly there will always be religious bigotry and intolerance. But you Miss Puerto Rico should know better. Sometimes you just can't educate ignorance. Shockingly disrespectful by someone who just recklessly threw out the race card.