Kim Richards

Kim wonders if she should start acting again -- and if Carlton really did cast that spell on Joyce.

on Jan 28

Watching my sister get ready to go film Days of Our Lives and hearing some of the things she was saying brought back a lot of memories for me, such as rehearsing scripts with my mom and sisters when we were growing up. Also hearing her describe moments when she turns on the TV and sees herself and she says to her children, "Look there's mommy. Do you want to watch?" and her kids are like, "Nah, pass the potatoes!"

Just watching Kyle hold that script while going over lines I could tell she was quite excited to get back work. It was also so nice to see my sister on a stage again. She looked so pretty, a little bit nervous, but also confident at the same time. I’m not going to lie, it kind of made me feel like I want to get back to work. I guess it's like Kyle said, "We've been acting our whole lives. Somehow it just feels like second nature to us." I loved watching this. I think my sister did a great job!

I love the mural on Yolanda's wall. I thought it was so nice of her to invite everyone over to make something special for Gigi to take with her on her new journey and for her new home. I know I tried to give Kimberly as many homey touches in her dorm room as possible so she wouldn’t get homesick.

In watching the beautiful afternoon at Yolanda's it just seemed like everyone was having a good time. However, no matter what Carlton just doesn't seem to click with my sister and Joyce. When Joyce came to meet me the next day at Pilates Plus, Joyce told my friend Kristi and I that Carlton had put a spell on her. She said she told Carlton she doesn't believe in spells and Carlton said just wait to go home tonight and see what happens.