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Lisa R.: I Couldn't Be More in My Element

Kim and the Roar of the Lion

Kim wonders if she should start acting again -- and if Carlton really did cast that spell on Joyce.

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! It's so fun to be able to look back at some of these experiences.

The Hollywood Collectors Show was such a great day. I had so much fun. It is such a privilege for me to be able to connect with all of the people who have been supporters of my acting career since the beginning. They have watched me grow from a little girl to the person I am today. From Nanny and The Professor, Hello Larry, Escape to Witch Mountain, Tuff Turf, and now to RHOBH! Some of them feel as if they know me and being on a show like this has really given my fans a glimpse into what my life is really like.

It’s a really special feeling to know that after all these years people still respect me for what I am first and foremost -- an actress. I feel so loved and I honestly can say I feel a love for them as well.

Seeing Jimmy McNichol was awesome. I just couldn't believe when he walked over. He was one of my teen crushes. Jimmy’s sister, Kristy, and I worked together in the past. We performed on the Michael Landon Telethons and even put a music group together with our sisters. Yes, don't laugh too hard but we all used to sing together. We also attended the same school that was meant for kids with careers. However we didn’t attend regularly because of work. On one particular day at school I happened to see Jimmy there and he grabbed my butt! I couldn't have been more than 15, and this was of course the first time anyone had ever done this to me. So naturally I went home and put it in my journal. It was supposed to be private. But you know how sisters can be. Kyle dug it out and shared it with the whole family. . .For the last 35 years! I have never been able to escape The Roar of the Lion!

Over the years I've had the most amazing gifts from my fans that come not only from their hearts but hold so much sentimental value. Like my turtle pin! This was her grandmother's! Did you see how her mother cried when her daughter gave me the pin? It was so touching. Also, when the lady wanted me to hold Elias, the baby puppy. She's been very sick with cancer and Elias has been with her the whole time and means the world to her. The fact that she wanted ME to hold him and to take a picture was really touching. It is moments like this that make me so grateful for my job. From real babies to puppies to turtle pins, and so many others. You have no idea some of the very strange requests I've gotten. But I have to say I absolutely love being a part of these experiences! As I have shared before when people say to me, "You don't know what you've done for my life," I say back "You don't know what you've done for mine!" It's such a special feeling that I am so grateful for. I have the best fans in the world.

Watching my sister get ready to go film Days of Our Lives and hearing some of the things she was saying brought back a lot of memories for me, such as rehearsing scripts with my mom and sisters when we were growing up. Also hearing her describe moments when she turns on the TV and sees herself and she says to her children, "Look there's mommy. Do you want to watch?" and her kids are like, "Nah, pass the potatoes!"

Just watching Kyle hold that script while going over lines I could tell she was quite excited to get back work. It was also so nice to see my sister on a stage again. She looked so pretty, a little bit nervous, but also confident at the same time. I’m not going to lie, it kind of made me feel like I want to get back to work. I guess it's like Kyle said, "We've been acting our whole lives. Somehow it just feels like second nature to us." I loved watching this. I think my sister did a great job!

I love the mural on Yolanda's wall. I thought it was so nice of her to invite everyone over to make something special for Gigi to take with her on her new journey and for her new home. I know I tried to give Kimberly as many homey touches in her dorm room as possible so she wouldn’t get homesick.

In watching the beautiful afternoon at Yolanda's it just seemed like everyone was having a good time. However, no matter what Carlton just doesn't seem to click with my sister and Joyce. When Joyce came to meet me the next day at Pilates Plus, Joyce told my friend Kristi and I that Carlton had put a spell on her. She said she told Carlton she doesn't believe in spells and Carlton said just wait to go home tonight and see what happens.

When she got home her husband was really sick! To me it sounds like maybe Carlton did put a spell on Joyce and her husband. I don't know much about Wicca but I do know if someone said something like that to me and then my husband got sick I would be spooked! I don't have a problem with Carlton, nor do I want one. We have gotten along from the beginning and I would like to keep it that way. In fact, I was shocked to hear that she had said that because I had never seen that side of her. It did not seem like the Carlton I have known. In any case I try and stay in a very spiritual world over here. . .where we don’t case spells!

Till next week,


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Brandi: Kyle Wants to Help When There's an Audience

Brandi explains why she was trying to get Kim out of Eileen's house.

Newsflash: I'M NOT SOBER, and fantasies are just that--fantasies. I've just about HAD IT with these judgmental women that pretend to be perfect and think they do no wrong. Spa day was fine other than the uncomfortable wine tasting, but I tried to tell some jokes to loosen the mood.

Poker night...Kyle called me and asked me to bring champagne in the car for the ride over to poker night at Eileen's, and we shared one bottle. I generally drink wine, not champagne, and was feeling good. As all of my friends have pointed out to me, it's the third glass that usually takes me to the dark side. Kyle had as much to drink as I did, but it didn't seem to affect her. I guess she must have a really HIGH tolerence. Eileen's house is beautiful on the outside--and it may be a dick thing to say--but creepy on the inside in my opinion. I switched over to white wine, and while there were a few appetizers (one made with kids' frozen mini pancakes and oddly colored salmon), there really wasn't much to eat, and it was dinner time after all.

We sit to learn poker. I'm drunk and hungry, and all these smart women act like it's rocket science. It was ridiculous. Sitting next to Kim, even in my intoxicated state, I see that she isn't herself. I tried to pretend like all was fine but knew that I needed to get her out of there. Kim had been sick for weeks coughing really violently whenever I was around her, and I asked her to go to the doctor, but she said it was just bronchitis. Everyone is noticing Kim isn't herself, and Kyle and Kim go off to the restroom. As Kim came out, she wanted Kyle to leave her alone and to leave. I went over to try and help Kim get the heck out of there. Kim wanted to say goodbye before leaving for some reason, so we went in the kitchen, and I grabbed a slice of pizza, because I was starving. I try to get Kim out of Eileen's house, because it's clear to me that Kyle wants to have this bad situation play out in front of the other ladies. I don't want that to happen, so I try to get Kim to leave. 

If Kyle was so worried and embarrassed about Kim's behavior, then why wouldn't she just let me get Kim home and out of this embarrassing situation? 

Brandi Glanville

Kyle only wants to "help" Kim when Kyle has an audience. In that moment of time, Kim was not in the right state of mind or condition to have any kind of conversation or altercation, yet Kyle persisted, even going as far as getting physical and grabbing me twice, as well as breaking my skin open to keep me from removing Kim from this bad situation. So ask yourself this question: If Kyle was so worried and embarrassed about Kim's behavior, then why wouldn't she just let me get Kim home and out of this embarrassing situation? Even in my intoxicated state, I knew that was the only solution. Kyle, while planes and yachts are nice, if family is everything, how could you treat your sister Kim the way you do?  

Until next time.

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