Kim Richards

But Kim knows she would take it back if she could, and she clears up that vibrator thing (it was a gift!).

on Dec 11, 2013

When Carlton showed us her wiccan tattoo, I didn’t really know what to think. It certainly made us all a little curious. I don't know ANYTHING about this and was quite curious to hear her speak about it all.
I mean I just don't know. I still don't know. Do I want to know!?!

Then a second later Brandi blurted out that they madeout. Ummm. Well now I'm really curious?!? Tell me more! Then they did a little sample. WOW! OK! But nothing surprises me too much when it comes to Brandi!

I started to get anxiety when all the girls pressured Joyce to get in the pool over and over again. I was shocked. I couldn't believe these were grown women! People laughing and calling names! It felt horrible to even be there! The whole thing just got so ugly and only continued when we got to dinner.

Brandi's continuous wrong name-calling of Joyce?!? I sincerely thought it was a mistake at first, but as time went on, I realized it was intentional. She is my friend and I love her, but she was out-of-line that weekend! It was tough for me to even sit there. I know she feels horrible about the whole thing and would take it back if she could.

I thought it was important for Joyce to express her feelings when she said she was bullied as a child AND it infuriated me that Lisa and Yolanda didn’t want to allow her to express herself! Especially at her own dinner! I am sick of Lisa not being fair to people! I’m used to her rude treatment of me, but seeing her behavior toward Joyce, just made me sick! She completely dismissed Joyce and totally disregarded me (as usual) when I was trying to acknowledge Joyce’s feelings.

Just seconds later when Brandi called Joyce fat it was amazing to me that Lisa found so much humor in it! Laughing like that? It really felt like them against us! When my sister shook her head in disbelief of all of this, Yolanda asks my sister,"Is there a PROBLEM KYLE?" OMGosh! Really Yolanda? Yes! There is a problem! Then she turns the whole thing back to HER! WOW! This dinner was just no fun! From the pool through dinner it just continued to get worse!

Just wait till next week as Palm Springs continues,

XO Kim