Cast Blog: #RHOBH

Kim: Ken's Words Don't Affect Me

Kim: Don't Mistake My Sadness for Weakness

Kyle: I Have Never Had Anyone Put a Hand on Me

Lisa V.: I Tried to Warn Kyle

Eileen: Brandi Attacks, Then Deflects

Lisa R.: Kyle Didn't Create This Drama

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: More Fighting and a Peeping Tom

Kim: Kyle Should Be Worried, Not Embarrassed

Brandi: Kyle Wants to Help When There's an Audience

Kyle: This Was Brandi's Master Plan

Lisa R.: It Felt Just As Awkward As It Looked

Lisa V.: Kim's Demeanor Was Questionable

Eileen: Brandi Loves to Stir the Pot

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Disgust and a Push

Yolanda: I Would Like to Apologize

Brandi: I Won't Make Excuses

Kim: I Wanted to Hold Kyle

Lisa V.: I Want Max to Be Ambitious

Eileen: Being a Stepmom Is Challenging

Lisa R.: Lots of Transition Happening

Kyle: We Are an Emotional Bunch

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Surprise and an F-Bomb

Lisa V.: A Naughty Child Shouldn't Be Rewarded

Kyle: Brandi Was Rude and Offensive

Eileen: It Felt Like an Attack

Lisa R.: It Was Shocking and Unprovoked

Kim: Brandi Is Brandi

7 Faces We All Made During This Week's #RHOBH

Brandi: Lisa V. Was Making Me Uncomfortable

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Shock and Tears

4 Questions We All Asked During #RHOBH

Lisa R.: Portia Is My Spirit Animal

Eileen: Brandi Showed Us How Not to Make Amends

Yolanda: I Took One for the Team

Lisa V.: Yes, Love Is a Big Word

Kyle: Moments Like These Are Frustrating

Lisa V.: I Won't Erase the Past

Brandi: I Don't Enjoy Anger or Grudges

Eileen: I Could Feel the Tension at Kyle's

Lisa R Reflects on That Bittersweet Episode

Yolanda: These Are Teaching Moments

Kim: Ken's Words Don't Affect Me

Kim Richards thanks the fans for making this season amazing and for their support in her time of need.

Hi Everyone!

All day I have pondered over this blog. Just watching the trailer for tonight's episode I realized all that we have been through this year. So many wonderful things that you have shared with us! The laughter, the fun, and even the tears. So many touching moments, and, yes, also our mistakes and our pain.

For myself, I can tell you it has been a great year. I have grown so much and learned a lot! I want to thank you all for sharing this year with me and my growth. I've had so many changes this year and I am still adjusting, but overall life is really beautiful and I am truly grateful for it.

As far as the the Final Episode: The 100 Year Anniversary! It seemed like people were having fun. At the same time it also seemed like everyone was trying to discuss their issues at hand. However, it just didn’t seem like anything got resolved. I apologized to Ken and Lisa for Puerto Rico but they dismissed me, as usual.

Hearing Ken say I am strange and from another planet definitely hurts my feelings. I have worked very hard to overcome many things in my life. Today I am just a happy, grateful, person and I have fun every day. I feel sad that he has to put me down for who I am, but it truly does not affect me. The most important thing is that I love me and my children love me, and in the end that's all that really matters.

I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I have enjoyed all of you! You have been such an amazing part of my life this last year and a huge support for me while going through some pretty big things.Thank you.


Ps Don't miss the Reunion!

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