Kim Richards

Kim explains why she jumped into the conversation with Ken and Lisa -- and what Ken questioning her sobriety means.

on Feb 24

I do believe Brandi, she is my friend, and I have no reason not to.
After watching the episode I noticed that Lisa kept saying "Just leave it alone," and "Let's drop it." However, if it were me I would want to get to the bottom of it so everyone knew the truth. It just seems very fishy that she reacted this way.

At dinner that night there was tension and it was quite at the
beginning. Then when my sister confronted Lisa and Brandi the whole
table turned upside down. . . like a circus! All my sister wanted was a
simple yes or no. But at this point Lisa kept talking in circles about
who bought them, who saw them, and when she first saw them. I couldn't
handle everyone yelling across at each other so I finally jumped in and
said, "Just answer the question!"