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Kimberly's Magic Butterfly Leaves the Nest

Kim discusses sending her baby off to college and what she loved about the ladies' trip to Puerto Rico.

Hello everyone, I hope your week is starting is off well!

As Puerto Rico continues. . .I can't speak for everyone. Although I know none of us felt great about the dinner, I myself felt very bad about the confrontation between Ken and I. I like Ken. I know he was protecting his wife, and I was protecting my sister! Either way, I owed him an apology -- in person, which he has gotten on more than one occasion.

The girls and decided to decided put all the negative behind us and not talk about it anymore! Joyce had invited us there to have fun -- and that's what we were all going to do! It was like there was a huge energy shift! From playing with street-side reptiles to climbing into fountains! This is something I have always wanted to do!!! Check off my list of things to do in life! Haha. The day was just full of FUN! Just the way to finish off our trip!

Now it was time to head home. Yolanda and I both were going through the same thing right now. We were getting ready to send our baby girls off to college!

I wasn't exactly sure how I would handle Kimberly's departure. As much as we have been preparing for this day, what was i going to do without her? I was glad to get home and gobble up some TLC from my kids! I definitely needed after the trip!

I just love Brandi's mom and dad. Seeing her Brandi give them their new car was so awesome and made feel so happy! What a great daughter!

Well the time arrived. The day was here and John and I were taking Kimberly off college! I wish I could tell you all the things that went through my mind the day before and that morning. Everything she touched was now became a very special something! I was so excited! Yet so emotional! These were just the moments where I knew she wasn't ever going to live at home again! WOW! The realization! Ohmygosh! I was SO happy for her! She was going to start a new life at the beach and get an amazing education! I knew she was nervous. . . I was too! But I also knew this little butterfly was ready to use those beautiful wings and fly!

The ride down was fun. There were moments where John and I just looked at each other with such pride and a little bit of sadness that our girl was leaving us! She fell asleep, and all I could I do was stare her. Flashbacks! She always has brought me joy. From the day she was born, she was magic! My magic butterfly -- always bringing happiness and love! I have enjoyed being her mommy every day, and I wanted her to know that!

I made sure she had everything. I have spent 18 years preparing her with the tools for this day! She's got this! She's beautiful, smart, level-headed, and a true angel! My biggest advice to Kimberly is always to remember who you are! Remember your values and where you came from! Always look down at your wrist (butterfly) when you are sad or in doubt! Or if simply want to fill your heart with some MOMMY LOVE, I am only a phone call away. I will be there in heartbeat! I miss her everyday!

This was hard for me to watch! I miss Kimberly a lot. I know I am fortunate that I get to see her often, but it never seems like enough! Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever -- each time! I treasure each moment I have with each of my children! I always will! I have been blessed and I am grateful! Watching Yolanda with Gigi, I couldn't stop crying! What a beautiful girl! I know how proud Yolanda is! It is tough to let go -- but it's part of life! Our babies are growing up! Soon I will be sitting with Kyle while she is going through this with Alexia! I know she is scared! No need! I am here to help her go through this! My daughter Brooke is getting married this year -- another big event in my life! My children and I are very close today and for that I most grateful!

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