Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa didn't agree with Brandi's choice of words at Carlton's luncheon.

on Nov 18, 2013

And so the story unfolds...

Thank you for all the supportive comments and understanding last week. I absolutely hate reliving that moment of weakness and unfortunately it spills over to beginning of this episode.

It was a terrifying moment when I decided to dance that Monday as I had been ordered by the doctor to rest for two days. All that time my blood pressure and temperature were monitored, and I really had no rehearsal, but Gleb and I knew if we withdrew that week we would be eliminated for sure. So we were damned if we did and damned if we didn't! I must add that my partner, who was new to the show, apart from being absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous was an adorable man that I bonded with emotionally. We clung to each other through the eight weeks of our experience. One of the reasons I have loved sharing my journey with you on reality TV is to relish and savor the joyous and defining moments in our lives -- my daughter’s wedding, my son returning from school the first time all those years ago, our thirtieth wedding anniversary -- many moments I now have forever documented.

I smiled at the unequivocal support from my husband and daughter after being voted off, to them, blinded by their loyalty to me, I should've stayed till the end. That is one of the reasons why I love them as their indomitable support is what carried me through.