Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa is shocked Kyle didn't ask Brandi what her motives were or even question why she said the things she did about their friendship.

on Feb 11

And here we are again. Another week has flown by.

I arrived at Stockcross impressed by what was a wonderful party. There was much of it you didn't see. . .I met Carlton's family -- a father-in-law that adored her, a mother in law to whom she is very close. That speaks volumes about a woman that I don't think the audience has had a chance to see.

It seemed to me that a situation had escalated rather rapidly between Kyle and Carlton and I understood Carlton being upset at the negative label that was thrown at her, it was totally unwarranted. However, I had to defend Kyle at that moment as I felt Carlton had called it wrong. Carlton is is adamant she has Kyle's number,that she has her reasons for her intense dislike of her. You yourselves will have to decide.

I don't think Yolanda quite understood the situation. Yes, Kyle and I had words last reunion about our house being sold. . .but that is the purpose of that day -- to hash things out, explore feelings and come to a resolution so that you can move forward.