Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa lists her many "crimes" and decides she's thankful for being betrayed by Brandi for the lessons she's learned.

on Mar 17

Hello to you all again. An earthquake this morning. That was pretty violent as things crashed around us, seems to be an indication of what lies ahead today.

And here we have the first part of the trilogy that wraps up our fourth season, a season that will forever be etched in my mind as where you have all been promised to see the exposé of my true character. .

So normally Andy directs the questions, but I felt I had to initially confront Brandi about that day's events -- a story had appeared with quotes from her, saying we had filed bankruptcy. Not true and damaging -- saying we lied about where we lived. We moved here from France to the house you saw in the first couple of seasons. Yes we have bought and sold a few properties in a portfolio. So Brandi pays $9.95 to try to discredit me. Then she turns and blames Kyle and says she told her. I find it sickening, similar to Yolanda googling my husband, stating that when we had his birthday party it was a month too early. She unfortunately googled the wrong Ken Todd -- one that is a footballer and ten years younger. Ken's birthday was exactly the Saturday night that we had that party July 20th. ironically the same birthday as his twin.

Is that what these women do? Was this some sort of orchestrated attempt to malign my character?