Lisa R.: Insinuations Are Dangerous

Lisa R. gives us her final thoughts on the season and shares what she's learned since being on the show. 

Welcome back to The Hunger Games Part 3: MockingCray.

Well, we have finally reached the end (or have we?), and the CRAY is definitely showing, isn’t it?

I have a few final thoughts to wrap up Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

-When you put out a claim or accusation about somebody, you need to be damn sure you can back it up. Insinuating something about someone based on something that you
"heard" is creating a negative that you can’t prove and also has the potential of never truly going away. This is just dangerous. Shame on you, Kim Richards. I’ll pray for you.

-Apparently I say the word F--- a lot.

-I’ve learned some new words by being on The Real Housewives this season: homewrecker, hypocrisy, and eggbeater. So, that’s exciting, I guess.

-Deflection is not becoming on anybody. I came into this with no expectations and a commitment to be true to myself. I have learned over the course of this season that it’s never too warm to wear your flack jacket in Beverly Hills, because a few in our group tend to not own their actions, but rather, toss their bombs onto the rest of us.

-Oh, and I guess I say the word F--- a lot.

-But apparently, Lisa Vanderpump says PUSSY a lot. So, there you go!

-When I am really angry with someone and have not fully dealt with it, you should probably know that if I am left alone, chances are I may express my anger through a text or tweet. Is this good behavior? Probably not, but I own this behavior. I recognize it, and I own up to it, and I work on bettering myself from it. Can Kim and Brandi say the same?

When you put out a claim or accusation about somebody, you need to be damn sure you can back it up.

Lisa Rinna

-I LOVE the Bravo fans. Who knew that this vast community of Housewives fans was so fabulous? Well, I suppose you all knew that, and now I know it, too. I wish I could personally thank each of you for being so welcoming and supportive of me this season.

-F---. Is it really over?

Until we meet again…In the meantime, just remember, it’s only true when it comes from MY lips. And this goes double for #WhatDidHarryDo.



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