What Do You Think The Real Housewives of Dallas Will Hold in Honor of Texas?

Vote for what you think the Dallas ladies will be showing off to represent the Lone Star State in the opening of #RHOD!

With a state as big as Texas, the possibilities for what the The Real Housewives of Dallas ladies will be holding in the titles are pretty much endless. While we wish they were all presenting little doll versions of Tim Riggins, we're thinking the RHOD intro might go in another direction. (But really, what says, "Texas forever" more than the best running back the Dillon Panthers ever had?). Anyhoo...between horseshoes, cowboy hats, and Beyonce-style hot sauce in my bag - swag - coming to mind as potential Dallas symbols, we can't wait to see what the ladies will be showing off to rep the Lone Star State.

Use the arrows below to upvote which item you think our newest Housewives will be holding on the Season premiere Monday April 11th  at 10/9c! 

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