Brandi: Yee Haw Y’All, Let’s Get to It Because I’m About to Go Off...

"Who is putting this into the other ladies head that I’m a bad influence? You!!!" says the former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader to LeeAnne Locken. 

Yee Haw y’all let’s get to it because I’m about to go off...

So confused, on how I am a topic of discussion with LeeAnne Locken. Did we not decide to move forward at Bubbles & Bruin? I guess not... I hurt you, LeeAnne? Didn’t you say on the boat dock last year that I was going to ruin the other ladies' reputations? Which caused me to call your ass out at your engagement brunch. Let’s flashback - and, oh yea? I said we were never friends because that’s how I felt after you said that about me. So who hurt who? Yes, D'Andra Simmons proceed with caution! Who is putting this into the other ladies head that I’m a bad influence? You!!! Excuse me, I have never threatened to kill someone so give me a break. I think that LeeAnne is trying her best to discourage the others to be friends with me.
I do not think that anyone should be anything but themselves. Living your truth makes you happy and healthy so seeing the reaction from LeeAnne is disappointing bc she herself is not in high society.
The necklace was from all of us and I clearly said that. So if Kameron Westcott thinks I’m buying friendships, what do you want? I cannot believe what I’m hearing from D’Andra what LeeAnne has said about me, however, should I be surprised? No, not really, but I appreciate D’Andra telling me. My thoughts are that LeeAnne is jealous of my friendship with D’Andra. I don’t want to steal your friend, I just want to have some fun and wow you look like your having just that... those moves,that lap dance all in a public place I’m not judging girl. Go for it but I’m a bad influence? RIGHT...
I sure missed Cary Deuber andStephanie Hollman at the rodeo.
See y’all next week and thank you for tuning in.

Love y’all

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