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on Oct 1, 2010

Stacie’s search for her birth father still gives me goosebumps as it’s such a great story, and I wish her all the love and luck in the world that that dream becomes a reality. She deserves to find those answers after all this time.

On the opposite end of reality: What was Michaele looking so desperately for in her bag, back seat, and the boot of that car? She said it was for her bra and shoes? Along with her dignity? Pride? Self respect or lip gloss? (Oh sorry, my mistake, it was her invitation to the White House state dinner... .)

When Michaele says “Lynda’s so jealous of me” I nearly wet myself laughing too. LMAO!

My final word tonight in the "preview" for the finale to her was “Take it!!!" Is that my t-shirt logo calling? Lynda’s “Goat Rodeo?” Mary’s  “Integrate salons NOW?” Stacie’s “Tyra Bank’s lover”? Michaele’s ”Simply deluded”.... Her own words “Humble and quiet?”....

Thank god, when I went to spell check this blog, the only flag was the word "Salahis." That still comes up as "salami." There is justice after all.

Thanks to all of you for your comments as always. I know it sounds really cheesy, but it actually means more than you realize in every way!! Seriously does.

A little quote to leave you with: “Most people seem to be interested in turning their dreams into reality. Then there are those who turn their reality into dreams. I belong to the latter group.” -Allen Say

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