DC Guys

Rich Amons gives us a tutorial in Man Rules and explains how they were violated this season. 

Oct 15, 2010

ManRule: When you screw up, admit it, and move on to a solution to fix it if you can, say you're sorry if you can't, and try not to repeat the same mistake twice. There is always lots of stupid stuff you can screw up going forward so don't worry about running out of stupid. Every man puts on his AssHat occasionally (I personally have a different one for every day of the week), and when you do, own it, and at the very least, say you're sorry! This isn't 7th grade and your Mom just found a dime bag in your sock drawer and you blamed your imaginary friend Kenny for stashing it there. This is real life, you fess up, own up, move on, and hopefully learn from it. It's called experience and you only get it from wearing bad decision jeans too tight and for too long.

My time is short here and while I could go on for pages of ManRule Violations this season, I am being asked to put out the trash (never a good sign -- "Why do I have to ask you every week?") and not forget the recycling (also a bad sign if I had any thoughts of nocturnal adult activity later). 

Have a ManRule you like?  Post it in the blog comments below! Ladies are encouraged to "suggest" Man Rules, but such suggestions have to be voted on by the "ManCouncil" who meet once a year in Vegas. Sorry Ladies, those are the rules, I don't get to tell Oprah what books she or Gail King should read for their book club, so I think these rules are only fair!

Anyway, stay tuned for next week's Part Deux of the reunion show on Bravo when the men, the ladies, and Tareq take the stage with Andy to discuss the breaking news of the day.

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