Lynda Erkiletian

  Lynda thinks Tareq threw a "late night punch" at Mary and her family.  

on Sep 9, 2010


Once again, thank you for letting me into your lives and for all the love and support you have given me. Episode 5 has been my favorite so far. I think many of you will agree that each episode shines new light, and I trust that by the end of the series you will have a better understanding of who each of us are. I appreciate your comments so please keep them coming. Oh, and by the way, I haven't perfected it yet, but I am enjoying Tweeting as THERealLyndaDC.  

Breaking the Man Rules

Once again, Teflon Tareq pulls a late night punch, and this time it's directed at Mary and her family. REALLY?!! Did y'all know that the accusations Tareq was referring to had happened two years earlier? If he was so concerned when he saw Lolly's Facebook posting, why didn't he contact Mary and Rich to discuss it immediately? Why wait two years, host a dinner party and then bring it up as dinner conversation with others present? As Rich clearly states, Tareq definitely broke all the man rules. What kind of host does that?! Maybe someone who has had too much wine to drink??! It was a good thing that Stacie and Jason were present to support Mary, and as parents themselves, they were visibly shaken by the serious accusations being made. My heart went out to the Amons family. Lolly's comments about Tareq were spot on and I think Mary and Rich handled it like proper parents would.  They talked it out with Lolly, checked with authorities, and did a full investigation to make sure that it was not true. I think that we are all in agreement, he is a wack job!