Lynda Erkiletian

  Lynda thinks Tareq threw a "late night punch" at Mary and her family.  

on Sep 9, 2010

Moving to Virginia... Family Matters

Let me start by saying that Georgetown is my favorite place in DC. I located my office there over 26 years ago and aspired to live there one day. I was truly blessed to have lived the last five years in a beautiful environment overlooking the Potomac River with a picturesque view of DC's memorials and monuments. Unfortunately, apartment living wasn't conducive to our family lifestyle. When I began looking at properties (keep in mind, I'm a real estate junkie... I love real estate and have maintained a strong presence in the art of "that" game), everything in DC was so overpriced. People were listing their homes as though it was still a sellers market. For me, I knew better. It all made $$s and sense for me to return to a place that was familiar and yet a good investment for the future. I call this home my 5-year plan, although my friend and real estate consultant, Jackie Weldon, just giggles and says, "Yeah right, I have a feeling you'll have your grandchildren coming and going here for many years to come." Having just met Stacie and being very impressed by her knowledge of the real estate market, I wanted to get a second opinion. I appreciate the time she spent assuring me that McLean was still a great place to buy. I know she's not a big fan of Virginia, but different strokes for different folks.