Lynda Erkiletian

Lynda shares her thoughts on certain medicinal herbs.

on Oct 15, 2010

What a long, emotional, and revealing day! I appreciate that the reunion provided a forum in which to openly discuss our questions and opinions, as well as yours, about all that has transpired on this inaugural season of the Real Housewives of DC. Of course, some comments raise more questions than they answer, so I'd love to address those points here.

The Woman Who Cried Wolf

Firstly, while I am very critical of the Salahis and their spin-factory assembly line of contradictions, I need to reiterate that I sincerely miss the Michaele I once knew. If she does in fact have Multiple Sclerosis, I will of course support her in any way and wish her a long, healthy life full of blessings. I hope that she will use this opportunity to set a good example for other people struggling with this difficult and potentially debilitating disease. However, my previously expressed doubts are best represented by the familiar parable, "The boy who cried wolf." When people lie continually, misrepresent themselves, and even manipulate the truth to satisfy their agendas, it becomes impossible to discern when they are sincerely suffering. Michaele is indisputably guilty of all of the above; therefore my first and honest response was "BS." I hated to see her cry or feel bullied by us "mean girls," but her attack on Cat regarding her dissolved marriage with Charles was more mean-spirited and misguided than anything anyone said on that couch. I would like to believe that she truly "is from a different make" as she later asserts to Mary, that she doesn't know "how someone can feel good about hurting somebody." But this seems like yet another contradiction given her insensitivity and even cruelty towards Cat. I say she needs a therapist because: A) We all do! B) She appears out of touch with reality, as Stacie mentions, she lives "in a delusional world." I truly hope she gets the help she needs and deserves.