Lynda Erkiletian

Lynda gives her thoughts on the ice cream social scandal and Cat's new book.

on Sep 30, 2010


First and foremost, I want to thank y'all for your continued support. Please forgive the delay in posting. I’ve been having fun in addition to working. All work and no play makes for a dull life. I’m blessed today to be sitting in the beautiful sunshine in one of my favorite cities, Los Angeles. I arrived late Wednesday evening to prepare for the annual Operation Smile gala emceed by Billy Bush honoring Harrison Ford, John Stamos, and Susan Casden. I caught Michaela and Tareq on Billy's new live Access Hollywood show this morning and I have to thank him for tackling the rumor that Michaele was not a Redskinette as she has claimed. He clearly did his homework and he didn’t back down when she talked in circles. He pursued it head on until he got to the truth, which is, she has never been an NFL Redskins cheerleader. Seriously, I just don't know what to make of it. Having experienced firsthand her ability to lie about so many topics (some more entertaining than others) with a big smile on her face just astounds me! Then there's her "other" face where she plays the victim so well. I have never met anyone like her or Tareq! It is just another one of those stories that they make up on a day-to-day basis to keep themselves in the limelight. 

I may be a little tired and grumpy today because I’m still recovering from an incredible night out with family and friends celebrating my birthday, again! It was a surprise and for those who know me, I’m not big on surprises. But this was an exception, since it was intimate and hosted at Jose Andrés' new restaurant, The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel. INCREDIBLE...five stars all the way! Thank you, Stephanie and Michael, for hosting such a wonderful evening. 

Inbox Full 

I’ve read enough of Cat’s book to tell you that when she squares away a publisher it will be on the NY Times Best Sellers list. I’m proud of her for pressing the “delete” button when it came to her marriage. Not everyone has the self-confidence and strength to remove themselves from an unhealthy relationship. Dis-ease brings disease. :(

Marriage Equality 

I think I made myself clear on my views regarding gay marriage. Hopefully I’ll live long enough to see the day where all God’s people are treated equally.