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Shining Just Where We Are

Lynda finds the positive in her "rollercoaster ride."

Now that the first season of RHDC is over and I've had time to reflect on all that has happened, I must say I am quite pleased with the way things have turned out. Though certain distractions and drama may have detracted from the positive at times, I was able to showcase T·H·E Artist Agency and our industry, as well as worthy charities to expose people to life in D.C. as I know it.

For those of you curious about my impressions of the infamous evening and ensuing fallout, tune in to the RHDC Reunion where I am able to finally express myself fully and face-to-face. It was a long exhausting day of filming (longest in HW history) as we confronted the Salahis; they continued spinning their stories, but at least they didn't plead the fifth! Aside from their nonsense, I enjoyed taking my seat on Andy's couch next to three gorgeous and talented women (and Ebong J). It has been a rollercoaster we rode together and I am feeling so grateful for the incredible support provided by my family, fellow housewives, cast-mates, and their families.

I have been saving the following poem to share with you after the last episode of this season. It describes beautifully what I believe, that if we are content with what we are given and are willing to work for what we desire, we would all be more worthy of the wonder the universe has to offer.

"Shining Just Where We Are"
Let us not waste our time in longing
For bright, but impossible things;
Let us not sit supinely waiting
For the sprouting of angel wings;
Let us not scorn to be rush-lights,
Every one can't be a star;
But let us fulfill our mission
By shining just where we are.

There is need of the tiniest candle
As well as the garish sun;
And humblest deed is ennobled
When it is worthily done;
We may never be called on to brighten
Those darkened regions afar,
So let us fulfill our mission
By shining just where we are.

—Author Unknown
As published in Golden Book of Reconstruction Letters by George Llewellyn

Thank you again for your interest and encouragement this season. I look forward to continuing our journey together in Season Two! In the meantime, let's stay in touch via my Twitter @THERealLyndaDC. Once I can catch my breath, I will be also be launching a blog called High Heel Fatigue through my website at

Peace, Blessings & Love