Stacie Scott Turner

Let Stacie fill you in as she breaks down this week's events, from ridiculous real estate to Lynda's love for Ebong.

on Sep 16, 2010

Cat Out of the Bag

I loved the scene with Cat and her kids finding something outrageous to wear to the stuffy healthcare forum. TV could not capture how truly hysterical the moment was when she arrived at the party dressed as Sarah Palin. Too funny! Just what a boring party needs to pep it up. This is a side of Cat's personality that I really like. She is not afraid to do the unexpected - say what's on her mind (i.e. as she shares her opinion on healthcare and Republicans to a Republican). Say it to her face - with no shame.  Edwina was so not ready for the directness. I've gotten used to it - and rather like it. In time, I have seen the authentically fun, endearing side of Cat's personality. Now while I still believe that she is impulsively inappropriate in many situations, she is also extremely smart, funny, and deeply sensitive. We can see that the death of her close friend was extremely difficult, especially when Cat is thousands of miles away from her extended support system. My heart really went out to her. I can vouch for the fact that Jade and Ruby are delightful, smart, and highly poised young ladies for their ages.

Still, adult reactions to death and grieving must be hard for an 11 year old to digest...

Lynda - The Southern Baptist Jewish Astrological Love Child

Lynda is a naturally sweet person who genuinely tries to live according to "energy based principles". In fact, I love being in her company because she always exudes such positive energy. I actually wish Jason and I had some of that sage blessing when we first gut renovated our house 10 years ago! I was flattered that Lynda called to talk to me about her plans to purchase a home in Virginia. She called me as a friend first - who happens to know the real estate market. So I felt compelled to express to her my surprise that she was leaving her FAB-U-LOUS condo (can I say huge, waterfront, prime location, amazing views, etc.) to move to the suburbs seemed extreme. I didn't like seeing myself seeming to "bash" Virginia, where I'm a licensed real estate agent. Besides, I grew up in Virginia, love Virginia wine, my hubby is a UVA alum, Aunt Frances is in Virginia - we are VA loving people - we just loving living in the city right now. To be clear: I was not a fan of Virginia for Lynda - knowing her lifestyle and (selfishly) knowing that I would no longer enjoy cocktails on her balcony overlooking the Potomac. Lynda is so connected to the city - running a DC based business and having a very active social and civic life - that I wanted to make sure she had fully thought through the lifestyle changes which are equally important as making a smart investment decision. I am just happy that Lynda and her family are happy - and I know

that her new home will be as inviting and warm as the previous. I can't wait for the housewarming party!

I can't leave a Lynda discussion without sharing my thoughts about Lynda and Ebong as a couple. I love low-maintenance people who are happy, which is what comes through when you hang out with them. They have that real, easy, laid back, "love is good" feeling that you can maintain with a boyfriend - she's had enough experience to know a husband is a little more complicated. I love Jason to death, but I am a big fan of her relationship "boot camp" for men idea! Where do I sign him up? Gotta keep your man in shape!!