Adriana De Moura

Adriana discusses the stresses of her gallery show, and tells Larsa she owes her one.

on Mar 9, 2011

I started to really get nervous, 37 paintings and only two weeks left. I knew then that he would not be able to deliver all the commissioned pieces, so I desperately started to work on plan B in order to save face with my business partner, my clients, and the VIP guests who were attending the vernissage. I was luck enough that the next artist scheduled to show in my space, agreed to fly in from Paris and performed a "happening," which is a live art performance.

The stress was so great on the day of opening, that when I arrived home to get ready, I broke out in a strong allergic reaction and my face swelled up and I got hives on my cheeks and neck! I sincerely thought I was not going to make it to the art show at that point!

Luckily, after one hour of icing my face and taking a strong dose of antihistamines, the swelling came down and only then I was able to get my hair and make up done. Oof!

After the main art opening was finished, I invited the guests to descend to the first floor of the gallery, in order to enjoy a performance by Billie Meyers. Immediately after her singing, Yves Clement, the French artist, performed his happening.

It was interesting to see how Marcos' friend, after calling himself an artist and art expert, stepped on the fresh painting on the floor, just to ruin the other artist's work, and then denied it. It was so surreal, I felt like that was the perfect setting for an Agatha Christie mystery! Lea was right--we did need the forensics there!

On a lighter note, I thought Lea Bardot's, I mean, Lea Black's portrait looked amazing! She reminded me of Brigitte Bardot in the painting.

Well, I must end this blog with a promise to Larsa: your beauty is worthy of a portrait, and I will put you on the wall next time!