Adriana De Moura

Adriana discusses her relationship with Frederic, and the drama at Larsa's trunk show.

on Mar 29, 2011

We have saved the best for last! This last episode really shows how funny each of us can be and the chemistry between the cast members. I loved all the individual scenes, as well as the group scenes of all of us.

During Larsa's trunk show, I felt a little awkward because of the tension remaining from the previous encounter. However, I didn't mean to create or ruin any gathering, per se. Once more, I must state: I was only clarifying an issue, no malice in it. Please don't shoot the messenger!

I particularly loved Alexia's son, Peter’s graduation party. It was so sweet and made me think of the future, when my son Alex will be graduating. I hope I will have done a good job as a mother, by providing him with the best education and upbringing possible. Also, it reminded me of the scene during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Kyle's daughter graduates from college. Both scenes were very lovely and very touching.

I also loved Marysol's dinner party. It was so funny and entertaining! Elsa was really the life of that party! Especially, when she felt challenged things got really interesting. I wish we had shown more of that memorable night!

Reviving my relationship with Frederic took a lot of work. . .pole dance lessons are not easy, believe me! I've since then given up on them. I don't think I was built to slide that pole. . .I don't have enough upper body strength.