Alexia Echevarria

Alexia discusses emotional immaturity, and dealing with Peter growing up.

on Mar 29, 2011

It was difficult in many ways to sit and watch this finale. As I look back at this journey, I can't believe how much has happened and how quickly it all went by.

I remember all of the discussions I had with my husband and, myself for that matter, about doing the show and opening up our lives to the cameras. I'm not going to lie to you -- it's been tough. But at the same time it's been an incredible experience that I will always cherish. Like everything in life, it has had its good and bad. I thank God that I can say that for now it's been more good. Life is a journey and I loved sharing it with you.

In this last episode you see me with Peter. WOW! How time flies. . .my baby finally graduates from high school and I get very emotional. Like I said, there were times I thought he wouldn't make it. Peter's whole life changed with his injury (he dislocated his shoulder and had surgery). All of his hard work and dreams were shattered. Peter was always a star athlete and MVP. He played both football and baseball. He was starting pitcher, third baseman, and fourth batter, and in football he averaged three to four touchdowns per game. Sports were his life, and that is the reason he loved school and did well in it. When he wasn't able to play sports his whole interest in school was lost. He was lost. It was a very painful time in his life as well as in mine. I know what it is to have a dream and for it to fall apart. I tried to explain to him that God has bigger and better plans for him. Peter had always showed some interest in modeling and acting, so when all of this happened I thought it would be great to find something to replace the sports and take up his free time. Peter has always been a good-looking kid and would get asked all the time if he was a model. I don't know if this will be his future, but it's worth trying.