Cristy Rice

Cristy explains her reaction to Elsa, and has wants Adriana to know she isn't feeling jealous.

on Mar 29, 2011

They always say that "time flies when your having fun." So if you’re feeling as I am, that these six episodes have flown by, then I hope you've had as much fun watching as I did.

I still feel like there is so much more to all of us that remains to be seen. . .

Let's see what the future holds for us. Maybe we should ask Elsa if there will be a Season 2 for the RHMIA!!!

Well, this was a long episode and pretty entertaining I might add. Larsa's designer Getty was a good time, and as you can see I am always eating (que pena).

Larsa, rightfully so, went off on Adriana for ruining her lunch. I am pretty much tired of her so I did not even waste my time. Larsa's friend Tara was on a roll and making us laugh all night, but nothing has made me laugh harder all season then Adriana's interview comments about me “being jealous of her body and wishing I had any part of her looks or that personality." I would say the truth about this situation, but I will stick to what my mami always said "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all." I think maybe for her birthday a full-length mirror would be a good gift or maybe some seeing glasses!!! Jeje!

Marysol got a bad rap for her dinner. I agree that it was not a "cooking lesson" per se, but it works for me because I do have four or five kids to feed every night, and I don't love to cook. At the end of the day Philippe was being a good salesman, and the food was not bad. Or was it that her mom made everyone so nervous at the table that no one had time to taste the food? Just kidding -- I remember it being good.