Lea Black

Lea discusses Adriana and Fredric, and says what she will about the gala.

on Mar 22, 2011

I'm not even going to go into the gala again. We addressed that. It's over and done with, but has anyone noticed a pattern of some who so eagerly speak bad about the rest of us in their interviews (but not to our faces)? And as Cristy says, "let's not talk about 'charity'." "Charity"? I am not going to apologize for talking about a charity that helps those in need!

While we are on the subject of charity: in the brief clip where I was making an appearance at another charity (not my own), I lament that many of these young girls' stories, and the content of our class wasn't shown to a greater extent. They are the heroes, and you would have been just as inspired as I was by them and how open they are to creating a better future for not only themselves, but for those also in need! I think they were nervous with the cameras there, and yet brave enough to tell.

Next week has some of the lowest moments of bad behavior, and some of the most hilarious moments to laugh at (hope ya'll get the jokes! LOL!), and ends with an experience that I have learned from, taken some praise and criticism for, and had lots of hearty laughs over.

Meanwhile, the gala is coming up soon with Dionne Warwick, Pharell Williams, Pit Bull, and more. And of course I'm still running three businesses, loving my son and hubby beyond words, and have lots of plates spinning, and lots more to talk about other than the charity and other people.

Keep the peace and spread the love.


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