Ana Quincoces

Ana applauds Alexia's commitment and determination during Frankie's struggles.

on Oct 18, 2012

While the scene at my office with Robert may seem odd to some, to us it’s just par for the course.  Robert and I have a unique way of relating to each other after our separation. We made a commitment to stay married for over two decades, but perhaps more importantly, we made a commitment to separate in a positive and dignified manner -- in a manner that would not hurt innocent bystanders; all while managing the loss we were feeling with a healthy dose of laughter. What you witnessed was just that, a real concern being addressed with a little humor. Didn’t Mary Poppins say that “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”? Someone please call Dixie Crystals!

I enjoyed food shopping with Joanna. It was surprising to see such a beautiful woman with a seemingly perfect life fighting for her relationship.  Don’t beautiful people live charmed lives where no one argues or cheats or breaks out or gains five pounds? Apparently not. Joanna was struggling with the possibility that she was losing Romain while facing the realization that she might be responsible for triggering the chain of events that led to this moment. Can a risotto (no matter how perfectly delicious and reminiscent of “ambrosia”) mend a broken heart?  Does a home-cooked meal come with a GPS directed at a man’s heart? Maybe not, but the effort Joanna made is a great start, the perfect appetizer if you will, to a successful relationship. I for one believe in them as a couple. Romain and Joanna possess all the attributes necessary to build and maintain a successful relationship. But what lies beneath a perfect exterior may show cracks not visible to the naked eye. Trust me, I know.

Until next time my friends (I will try not to self-destruct),