Ana Quincoces

Ana doesn't think Lea's comments to the other girls are so innocent

on Oct 11, 2012

The Hearts and Stars Gala was a great event, and I am glad that Lisa is doing her part for this charitable organization as well as others. Lisa is a very generous person, and I am happy to see her giving back to the community. To call what Lisa is doing “cute” is to give it less credence than it deserves, but that’s just me. Lea has the uncanny ability to make an “innocent comment” sound like a dig. Even when she claims something is a “joke” it is always so gratuitously hurtful (i.e. greencard) that it is impossible to join in her borderline sinister/hysterical laughter. The sheer number of insults disguised as jokes that she follows with “uproarious laughter” as someone recently commented, is off putting in every way. If you study Lea closely, you will see that at one point or another she mocks and belittles everyone (even those who she has now decided are weak enough to be allies).  She plays all sides against the middle, and she does it rather brilliantly -- I’ll give her that. As the season progresses you will see that her relationships are in a constant state of evolution; note that I am not one of the pawns in her elaborate socialite chess game.  I am merely a mildly amused observer. Checkmate.

I was noticeably uneasy at the gala. The Rodolfo/Karent situation has escalated far beyond what is necessary and having to partake in an evening with them was quite uncomfortable. Because of this, I made every effort to avoid eye contact, physical proximity, and ultimately conflict with either one of them. It is unfortunate that Karent behaves in such an overzealous manner.  Be it in her personal life with Rodolfo and the reptilian PDA with which she convinces everyone that they are a couple, or with friends like Thomas Kramer, who despite Karent’s personal claim, acknowledges that he has been friends with the other ladies for decades. Her behavior always seems desperate and exaggerated, not unlike that of the protagonist in a real life telenovela.  Frankly, I don’t know this TK guy from a hole in the wall, and I can’t say I care to; but apparently it is imperative to Karent that we all know that they are “dear friends,” that he “wishes he could date her,” and that there is a lot of photographic evidence regarding the same. OK, noted.  LOUD AND CLEAR.

I went to visit Alexia the afternoon of the Venue event, because I knew she was a bit nervous about it. She had been out of the loop after Frankie’s accident, and the prospect of a big event like this one was daunting. I wanted to show my support and reassure her, sinceI was certain the event would go off without a hitch. A peek into next week’s episode confirms that Alexia’s nervousness was not misplaced.