Joanna Krupa

Joanna reacts to 'Miami's' own versin of a dinner party from hell.

on Nov 12, 2012

When Romain finally made it to the volleyball tournament, my heart was racing as I didn't know how the conversation was going to go, but I tried to play it cool and just try to understand where he is coming from and take blame for what happened. I know all he ever wants to do is protect me, and Romain tried to come to my defense when Adriana was in my face in Lisa's kitchen for one reason and one reason only: he was TRYING TO SEPARATE her from getting too close to me and trying to hurt my face as it is the way I make my money AND CAN SUPPORT MY FAMILY… for no other reason but that to make sure she doesn't try to hurt my face. 

Romain knows I am a strong person and can take care of myself, or at least I think I can since I helped raise my sister from a real young age in order help out my mom and then my dad when he came from Poland. I was always the little adult and when Romain tried to come to my defense, I didn't want his help -- actually, I didn't want anyone's help because Adriana was out of line and I wasn't just going to let her attack me and call me names  and get away with it, as i had never done anything wrong to her to speak to me that way. Since the moment I met her she wasn't friendly towards me. All I felt from her was hate. I never have met this woman till the Ocean Drive wine tasting at Smith & Wollensky through Lisa. From the moment I met her she just seemed like a bitter person that I hoped that maybe eventually with time she would allow herself to show a warm sweet side to her. I was going to give her that chance since no one is perfect, and sometimes it takes me a while to warm up and trust others, but maybe she was just intimidated with the new girls in the group and needed some time to get used to it as she wasn't the center of attention, and maybe that's what the issue was from the beginning… having friends isn't a competition, but it seems to her and some of the other girls in the group that is all a competition, and I really am still trying to figure out the point of it. Isn't friendship based on trust and having each other's back and being kind to one another? Otherwise, why have friends when they act more like your enemies?

Alexia inviting all the girls to her home made me think it will be a nice peaceful evening where we all act like adults, and admit our faults, and just laugh, and have a wonderful time, and make fun of the immature things we have done in the last days, and move away from it, and focus on the future. But boy was I wrong. The mean girls are at it again -- surprise, surprise -- I can't sit back and watch my friend or loved one get bullied and harassed by mean girls without at least speaking out. I have never been around such vicious and mean-spirited women. Why do they spend all their energy on Karent or talking behind my back? i am so occupied with my life that I don't even have time to think about what the others are doing, let alone worry about some little tiny article IN A LOCAL PAPER! To me, life is about a lot more than this, and these girls are getting out of hand. I know i am not perfect and never said I was. I am the first to admit my faults, and I know when I drink I become more vocal and don't hold back if someone tries to attack me, but it seems with Adriana and Alexia this is a never-ending story. I don't understand why some of these women, like Adriana and Alexia, focus so much energy on Karent or myself because if they only spent all that energy on themselves, their lives can be more fulfilled. It's not as if they have to keep picking at other girls in the group. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves as I just can't figure out any other reason for it. Act lke grown women. Why did Adriana have to speak Spanish and talk badly about the way I was dressed? I was dressed to a gala? Really, Adriana, is your life so lame and boring that you have NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT AND BE OBSESSED ABOUT THAN ME? Come on -- why do you care so much what I do and what i wear? Plus, other girls were wearing beautiful dresses also. How was mine any different? Again, evil-spirited mean girl speaking out. Actions speak louder than words and Adriana is showing her true colors to everyone. There is no excuse for being a bully. Alexia and Adriana should set good examples instead of putting their energy into talking like grade school girls or high school students at the table calling Karent and me names…. Grow up, girls. Life is too short, and I won't stoop to your levels again. I am happy, and I wish you the same to find it within yourself because that's obviously missing and it shows clearly. Remember: life is what you make of it.