Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains why she looks up to her mother so much.

on Dec 3, 2012

Talking to mom about my past and also my future made me realize that it’s not Romain who’s holding off the wedding, it’s me. I put my career first and never for a second made him my number one priority. Growing up and being independent I guess I forgot that men need to feel wanted, and being bicoastal definitely doesn’t help the situation. Finding the emails definitely put doubts in my mind, but as much as I want to believe him that nothing more happened, I feel it will always stick in the back of my mind whether he was telling the truth. He is the last person on the planet that I believe would be capable of cheating on me, because I know he loves me more than anything. No one besides my mom knows the past year of our life, and that is why I am not putting all the blame on him when it comes to the emails. As my mom said, maybe the emails were a wakeup call for both of us. For me mostly, because I have been delaying setting a date because of work, but now that I am ready, he is the one that seems not to be in a hurry. It seems like he got used to the living situation and is not taking what I say seriously, because I always said if a big gig comes along, I will end up having  to reschedule the wedding. I guess only time will tell now when and if we get married and if I can get past the emails/texts…