Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains the rationale behind her kooky shoot.

on Oct 25, 2012

This is my third PETA campaign, and I wanted to make sure it showed a more comedic side to a very strong message. But I also wanted to make sure it was still controversial like my last campaign, because without controversy you don't get the same impact in getting your message heard.

As a human being, it kills me to even think I need to be a voice for these defenseless animals, because I could never support anything that tortures animals. It’s sad that I even have to be part of this to try to get people to realize that buying fur is murder. These animals get skinned alive in fur farms where often they get beaten alive, drowned, and are kept in tiny cages where they die after going crazy from being confined their whole life in small spaces. I love PETA because they do the hard work and go undercover and launch videos of the horrific abuse that happens to animals around the world, from fur farms to laboratories that test on animals for cosmetics. Everyone should go and see these videos and open their hearts to how much these poor animals suffer. There is no reason for these kinds of barbaric murders: or

Someone that wears a fur coat in 2012 is a person that needs to prove that they have status, because they are insecure and think wearing a fur coat makes them stand out. But in reality it makes them look arrogant, because we are not living in the Stone Age anymore.