Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains the rationale behind her kooky shoot.

on Oct 25, 2012

According to a recent Gallup poll, 96 percent of Americans oppose cruelty to animals, and it shows in Americans’ decision to shun fur.
If fur is becoming more prevalent, it’s because the market is being flooded by cheap imports from China, now that their industry is booming and trade restrictions had been lifted.
The fur trade is a violent, bloody industry.  Trapping, beating, drowning, and ripping animals' skins from their backs simply for vanity is absolutely indefensible.
There is no beauty in animal cruelty.
Fur is only worn by a very visible cult of pretentious fashion editors, but for the general public, fur remains about as popular as a cold sore.
Fur Farm Case

There is video footage documenting cruel industry practices captured on fur farms all over the United States. What they’ve found, across the board, is that animals raised for their fur are kept in tiny, filthy cages for months or even years before they are killed, where they often go insane from deprivation. Many of the animals are electrocuted by inserting a rod into the rectum and with the flip of a switch, 240 volts literally burn the insides of the animals. The animal convulses, shakes, and often cries before dying of heart attack.
Environmental Concerns

It takes more than 15 times the energy to produce a farmed-fur coat than a synthetic-fur coat, and the chemicals used to prevent animals’ flesh from rotting after it is turned into a coat or trim are highly toxic and carcinogenic.
The fixatives and other chemicals used to treat animal skins are highly toxic and carcinogenic.