Karent Sierra

Karent shares her side of the Venue party blowout with Alexia.

on Oct 18, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm back from my trip, a little jet lagged, but very happy to be back home and to be able to interact with all of you once again.

We start off the episode at Alexia's magazine party. Joanna had called me to warn me about Adriana wanting to confront me at this event, which I thought was completely inappropriate for Adriana to do. Why not call me and talk to me or ask me to meet up for some coffee and discuss whatever was on her mind like two adults? Because she wanted to be surrounded by her bullying friends, that's why.

Alexia decides to interrupt the conversation I was having with Adriana, and she had mentioned that she had not invited me to this event. She basically had to eat her words when I mentioned that her husband had emailed me and invited me. She then went on to say that she was not in charge of the guest list and that she had no idea because it was her husband who handled that. Once again, this proves that Alexia, for some reason, will just fabricate anything to make me look bad, but in the end, the truth always comes out.

Alexia mentions in the show that she knew Rodolfo before I did. Seriously, we were dating for a year before Rodolfo ever knew who she was. Alexia always wants to create a competition, but I don't need or want to compete with her in any way. She also mentions that I came into the group, so "I have to earn my place." Are you kidding me? I have been friendly and polite and have always gone out of my way to say hi to all the girls, but her diva attitude and feeling that all of us just praise her or should kiss up to her is not in my plans. No one is better than anyone. Many times at events, if it wasn't for me taking the initiative to go up to her and say hi, she would've completely ignored me. Seems like someone needs a couple of lessons in etiquette instead of criticizing me all the time.