Karent Sierra

Karent doesn't understand why Alexia felt the need to insult her.

on Nov 3, 2012

Lea's hard work and dedication to her charity is very admirable and hopefully inspires others to give back in any way they can.

Adriana said that she was being "ganged up on" by Joanna, Romain, and me. Seriously? Were we watching the same show?

Seeing Lea with her dog, Leroy, broke my heart. Our pets truly become family members, and I could feel her pain as I too have lost a dog and know first hand how that feels.

Before leaving Joanna's house to head for Lea's gala and throughout the gala, Joanna kept telling me that she really wasn't in the mood to stay for very long. I completely understood after the night she had with Adriana and since Romain did not go with her to the gala. I am impressed that she mustered enough strength quite frankly to still go and show her support for Lea's cause.