Karent Sierra

Karent was shocked by Ana's awkward conversation with her daughter.

on Sep 27, 2012

Elaine Lancaster explains how Marysol did not allow her to walk Lea's red carpet. Obvious tension is noticed, and I have a feeling we will get a glimpse of the real Marysol real soon.

Now we see Ana with red bags under her eyes, as her daughter calls them. Why would you stay married to someone when it’s obvious that her soon to be ex-husband has been ready for more than two years to get divorced? She is obviously trying to keep him next to her when clearly he wants out. Hmmm… And he is proud to state that his new girlfriend is 15 years younger. The awkward interaction between parents and daughter is very disturbing, uncomfortable, and let’s just call it wrong, on sooo many levels! Discussing if "you do it in the butt"? Seriously?!

The 10 year Mynt anniversary is here. We meet at Lisa's for some sushi and cocktails before arriving at Mynt. Adriana then starts flirting with Romain at the club. Not sure why she would do that. Isn't she engaged? And doesn't she know that Romain is engaged to Joanna? Not sure what she was thinking, but obviously if she wants to become closer to Joanna, this is not the way to go. Just saying...