Karent Sierra

Karent thinks watching the ladies interact with their parents and in-laws exposed a different side of them.

on Dec 10, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the show so far. I've been a little absent due to the fact that my aunt passed away two weeks ago. She was my mom's last living immediate relative, and it was a very difficult time for her and the whole family. As you all know by now, I am extremely close to my mom. She is my best friend, and I wanted to concentrate my time on her and distracting her from what was going on. Once again, it’s a great reminder and lesson for all of us that things may come and go, but family is the most important thing life has given us. We need to treasure every day that we have with our loved ones, because tomorrow is not a guarantee.

Now on to the show. Lea has set up a fabulous birthday party for RJ at their Star Island home. I did find it interesting that she had invited Lisa, since they have never really seen eye to eye, but I am glad she did. I see it as hopefully an olive branch, in order to move past their awkward moments. I am glad that Lea put a stop to the conversation regarding Marysol, because she herself was not there to defend herself.

My heart breaks for Lisa every time I see her talking about wanting to start a family. Seeing her go through any possible procedures to have a child makes me admire her even more for her perseverance. I know that she will be an amazing mother when her time comes. I can relate, because I also would like to start a family of my own, but I believe in leaving it in God's hands. It's not on our time, no matter how badly we want something, it’s on God's time.

Getting together with Lisa and Joanna for dinner was great. There is definitely wonderful chemistry between us, and it just feels real and natural to spend time together. When you don't have to try so hard at a friendship, it is very refreshing.

Seeing Adriana interacting with Frederic's parents was wonderful. I was able to see a softer side of her and also a very fun side when she was entertaining during their 50 year anniversary party.