Karent Sierra

Karent still doesn't understand the ladies' motives, but was optimistic the dinner could change things.

on Nov 12, 2012

As I am spending some quality time with my mom, I receive a phone call from Alexia. I waited on the line for her to speak, because she just remained quiet once I answered. She then finally goes on to invite me over to her house, and to be honest, I was very hesitant due to her unwarranted attacks and childish behavior the last couple of times I have seen her in person. She goes on to tell me that "she doesn't want to be mean, because that is not her style." Wow, could've fooled me. . .

I am not a person to hold grudges and I guess I am a hopelessly optimistic person, so I decided to accept her invitation, but, nevertheless still very weary of her real intentions for having me over. I could only hope that they would finally allow me the respect to speak, the same way I have always given them their time to speak their mind. I guess I can hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Marysol goes on to say that she is upset with me because of the article that was written and what I had "supposedly said." Even though I have told them plenty of times that I didn't say any of those words describing the women, she refuses to believe what I am saying. She says "I am trashing the character of all of us and in public relations that is all you have." It seems to me that a true publicist would look for the truth and be sure of what she is talking about instead of coming to conclusions, and accusing someone without really knowing the facts. But, in reality, she wasn't interested in the truth, she was just part of the scheming group of mean girls saying anything just to try to make me look bad. Why so much hatred? Don't know, but hopefully they can find peace within themselves, because when they just lash out and try to bring others down, it's just insecurities on their part.

We need to teach people in this world to A) not jump on the "mean" bandwagon B) promote peace and C) stop the hate

God bless you all and please let me know your thoughts.

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