Lea Black

Lea fills you in on her life, philsophy, and how she intends to live happily ever after.

on Jan 3, 2013

theworldofleablack.com showcases my current product lines and makes mention of my various product lines over the years. The thrust of my business has always been to empower women to be the best they can be and help reveal to them their self worth and encourage them to become financially independent and there are thousands of women (and men) worldwide that have benefited from those efforts, many of which I still hear from today.

So my life has always been an open book and I guess the show just added some pages to the story. I hope you enjoyed watching. I hope I didn't disappoint and I hope I left you wanting more! LOL!

Spread the love and keep the peace and #don'tdealwithstupid.

Please visit theworldofleablack.com and theblacksannualgala.com. And if you ever miss me (LOL!) or are up for a laugh and a giggle check out http://www.youtube.com/user/leablackofficial/featured.

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