Lea Black

Lea wonders how she should interpret Lisa's biting comments.

on Oct 25, 2012


It's party time! Galas and fundraisers, more tits and ass, drama, conflict, he said/she said, they said, and more.

But don't put your stilettos up on the couch just yet. This party is just getting started.
This was a busy time for me between the gala preparation, out of town guests, Roy being gone, our commuting and his return home, RJ's activities, and my abnormal-normal life -- it was fast, fun and full of surprises.

Let's start with Lisa's charity event, the one where I looked "hilarious."
It's amazing how close to naked people will get at a Miami party, but when it comes to stripping people down to who they really are, it's one big sh--storm...uh, snowstorm.

Congrats to Lisa for a fun party, action packed (maybe too much action, but let's come back to that later). Hope she raised a lot of money. I'm just trying to understand a couple of things, so help me out here. I recall Lisa being very clear that she "doesn't agree with people talking about people behind their backs." From the first episode until now (7 weeks), she's never missed the opportunity to ridicule, backstab, or make condescending remarks about me on the show and in her blogs.

BTW, my "hilarious" comment (made while hugging her) was a compliment about how over-the-top fabulous her lingerie outfit was. (Clarification since she seems to misinterpret my snark -- Hilarious, of course, being the new fabulous.) And did I mention, once again, we get to see her hot body? Surprise!