Lea Black

Lea weighs in on Joanna and Romain's turbulent relationship.

on Sep 27, 2012

And for me (one of the "extras"), well, I am working towards the annual charity gala, which has often been called the "party of the year." The one where those “unorganized” volunteers work year round for FREE and have been able over the last 18 years to raise well over twelve million dollars for of at risk kids that have no hope, no support, no family, and their only hope for a promising future are the volunteers that work tirelessly to help those who can't help themselves. Shame on anyone who would criticize a charity while being paid by the charity. Oops! But like they say, people will go to great lengths to justify their failures. I just cringe when they do it at the expense of a charity and charity volunteers; all while biting the hand that feeds them.
Enter diva Elaine Lancaster. Well Elaine and I go back many years. We aren’t “best” friends, but we are very good friends. Elaine’s best friends are people like Pamela Anderson, Zac Posen, and people whose names she wouldn't want me to drop. And she is welcome and invited into the biggest A-list celebrities’ homes and parties in the world -- people like Mick Jagger, Dennis Rodman, Kidd Rock, Jeremy Piven and so many others, the list is endless (just Google search her), and there is a reason for it. Elaine is a good friend to anyone who will let her be a good friend and has never sold out or betrayed a confidence. She always takes responsibility for her actions, who she is, and the character her counterpart, James Davis, has developed over the years. The diva is sometimes misunderstood, sometimes intimidating, and sometimes brings out the best in people and sometimes the worst. Being around a drag queen is sort of like being drunk -- it doesn’t change who you are, but it REVEALS who you are.

I have a lot of respect for someone who creates a vision from nothing and then makes it happen and works hard day and night to entertain people and help brighten someone’s day. Bless anyone who can spend five hours gluing on nails and eyelashes, and tucking away the obvious. That girl works hard for her money! And I love helping make her dreams come true. You haven’t seen the rest or the best of her yet. You go, girl, don’t let anyone rain on your parade! (Although some do keep trying.)