Lea Black

Lea thinks Lisa's event was the craziest party she's ever attended.

on Oct 29, 2012

Tonight's episode exceeded any craziness even I could have imagined at a South Beach party, and I've been to a lot of Miami parties throughout the years. Keep watching, as it only gets more intense from here. We are at a time in the season where people have formed opinions and alignments, and we have passed the "nice to meet you, let's be socially correct" phase of our time together.

To sum this week's episode up:

Lisa - a party's success is determined by if it's memorable!

Adriana - the Sharon Stone moment of uncrossing her legs has been replaced by the "bitch slap heard around the Housewife world." (A quote from POP)

Joanna - don't expect her to turn the other cheek.

Karent - she may be polarizing, but seems to do it with grace, style, and a Colgate smile.

Romain - always the gentleman.