Lisa Hochstein

Lisa reveals why the storm was a blessing in disguise.

on Dec 18, 2012

As much as I love going out and having fun with my husband and friends, I really am ready for the next chapter in life. There is more to life than the fast pace South Beach lifestyle. Many of the people we encounter are peripheral, superficial acquaintances anyway. Only a handful of them are real friends. In the end they won’t be there. I want to invest my time in a family to whom I can give a better life than I have ever had. Lenny is not too old to have children by any means, but having children is something he has wanted for a long time and we deserve to have them. He has given me so much and I more than anything want to give him the ultimate gift of having his child. We have unfortunately suffered miscarriages, failed IVF attempts, acupuncture, and even tried a surrogate with no success. We of course will not give up and plan on doing everything we can until we have our family. I know and believe it will happen. I like to believe everything happens for a reason, and it just really is all about timing.

Anticipating a chic lunch spot, most of us decided to get all dolled unaware we were going to a simple conch stand. I decided I would be the designated driver and give the ladies a thrill ride. Sure, it was dangerous driving the golf carts the way I did but I was bored, LOL! Although it looked like a hole in the wall restaurant, it was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had. The women tried to get me to eat the conch pissel because it’s supposedly and aphrodisiac. The only pissel I will touch is my husbands, and he wasn't there anyway, so why would I need a passion potion?

Later that evening Karent received horrible news that her 81-year-old father wasn't doing well, but she couldn't get off the island right away due to the storm. Her problems really put the other nonsense in perspective. She understandably wasn't up to attending Ana’s dinner at the other house. Lea and Joanna though it would be good for her to pull herself together and join us in hopes she would feel better. I disagreed and was glad she stayed behind. It seems Karent can be a lot like me when she’s upset and just needs her space to gather her thoughts. There is no reason for her to be around any negative energy especially when she has to deal with her added stress.