Lisa Hochstein

Lisa was disappointed by all the chaos caused by her guests.

on Oct 29, 2012

My lingerie party to benefit Susan G. Komen was a fun, creative way to help create awareness and funds for a wonderful foundation. Two of my aunts and my mother-in-law have suffered as a result of breast cancer, which is why this event was very special to me.

We discover early on that Marta did indeed sleep with Joe, which adds fuel to Joanna’s fire. The whole situation put her in a defensive, confrontational mood. I am relieved Marta helped stop her from confronting Marysol to avoid another unnecessary fight in my home.

The drama with Beau feeling Lea was disrespectful to him was nonsense. James felt the need to come to Lea’s rescue once again. Lea is a grown woman who is capable of fighting her own battles and I thought she did a wonderful job of explaining herself. He then proves his lack of proper guest etiquette by throwing a drink and pushing Beau into my pool. Not only could Beau have become seriously injured, but the water splash caused a short, which stopped the music. Two ways to ruin a party is to run out of alcohol or turn off the music. To make matters worse, my phone got wet when Beau made me drop it, which led me to a quick search for rice (a great trick I learned from experience). This was an incredible act of selfishness and disregard for me and my event for such a worthy cause.