Lisa Hochstein

Lisa explains her relationship with Lenny's mother.

on Dec 13, 2012

I do try to please them as best as I can, which is why I decided to host a Passover dinner in honor of them. I understand that Passover is an important Jewish holiday. I am pleased I had the opportunity to learn so much about Judaism. Many have asked why I did not convert. The answer is simply because my husband did not feel strongly about me doing so. He respects my religion as a Catholic, as I respect his, and he understands the importance of it to me. We plan to raise our children Jewish, but will educate them on both religions and plan to celebrate both Catholic and Jewish holidays. I’m sure the little ones will enjoy Hanukkah and Christmas gifts! I call it Chismukka!
I was pleasantly surprised that Marina got along well with the other mothers. I was uneasy about this especially with Elsa, because they both have such strong personalities. They turned out to have the most in common and were chit-chatting all evening.
During dinner I wanted to make a toast acknowledge that all of us, except Marysol, are immigrants. We all owe so much to this great country that has given us so much opportunity. I am proud to be Canadian but grateful to be part of the United States and call it home.

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