Lisa Hochstein

Lisa opens up about her fertility issues.

on Oct 4, 2012

Watching this episode and discussing it with my husband was especially hard for me and at times painful to watch. The fertility issues that we have had to deal with over the last several years have been trying and reminders, like this episode, are tough. I have since become very aware that so many other couples face these same challenges. We never thought that starting a family would be so difficult, and we were really unprepared for this journey.  We never thought that we would need to seek the help of a fertility expert or some of the other treatments that we have done in the hopes of making our dream of a family a reality.

During our ordeal many of our friends have casually asked us innocently enough, "So when are you going to start a family?"  They were just being nice, but every time I heard it, I cringed, because I just did not want to be reminded.  Many had theories like I was too small or too thin, and although I know it was not said maliciously, it made me feel self-conscious nonetheless.  I know that I am a very healthy person who eats well and maintains a healthy exercise program, but when people talk, it brings up self-doubt.

I had called my husband insensitive, because sometimes I feel hurt when I see him so upset that he has not fulfilled his desire to have a child. I know he supports me and everything that I am going through.
Now let’s talk about some other people.

Romain was clearly and rightfully upset about the drama at Mynt. He reminded Joanna that she cannot handle her alcohol and should have stayed away from it on his big night. Clearly this is not the first incident with vodka and our Polish princess, and probably not the last… It seems she is not what I would call a "happy drunk." Romain also seemed to blame Marta, although she did nothing wrong that night, and in my opinion tried to calm Joanna down. I think she is just a casualty of Romain's anger.