Lisa Hochstein

Lisa was happy you got to meet the rest of her family -- her dogs!

on Oct 12, 2012

I just want to begin by letting my fans and supporters know that I have been reading all of your comments. I really appreciate the feedback! I have also noted all the questions on my Twitter and Facebook accounts regarding what my diet consists of, my exercise routine, my skincare regimen, products I use, and advice on cosmetic surgery. Stay tuned for my website launch next week ( where I will be blogging all my tips and tricks weekly. I love to empower women to look and feel their best, and welcome your questions.

This episode opens with Romain and Marta having a heart to heart at the scene of the crime after being encouraged by Joanna, who just wants peace between the people she loves most. Romain explains that he only wants the best for Marta, but expresses his frustration that her work ethic and initiative is not meeting his expectations. I get the feeling that he may view Marta as a third heel and wants Joanna to himself. Marta explains she is trying her best, but is having a hard time. I think Marta is at a stage in her life where she is really trying to figure out what she wants for herself. I adore her and think she is one of the sweetest people on earth. I know she has an amazing singing voice, and that she would love to pursue that as a career. It’s true that it's not easy to get that lucky break in the entertainment world, but I'm rooting for her.

Joanna and Ana bond over a cooking lesson where Ana gives her some much needed advice.

Next up Rodolfo seems irritated about Karent’s concern with the other ladies’ disapproval of her and her behavior. I think he would prefer if Karent didn't let it bother her, but I think her innocent nature finds it hard to comprehend why anyone would think she was being malicious or annoying in any way.