Marysol Patton

Marysol gives you some background on her unusual beauty routine.

on Dec 6, 2012

We arrive at the airport and Adriana forgets her passport, the weather warnings are severe, and the captain urges us to board the plane, so we leave without Adriana.

Something you may not know about me is that I am paranoid of being in any kind of accident (that is why I don’t do any sports or exercise). I immediately prepared for our flight over the Bermuda Triangle by securing my flotation device and making sure I could access a flare gun. I just couldn’t picture “my end” plummeting into the sea and being consumed by a watery grave. I am a safety freak, perfectionist, and majorly OCD.

We have our first dinner as a group and decide to go around the table and discuss our personal torments. I can’t explain my emotions in regards to my marriage, it was something that was changing weekly depending on if Philippe and I were getting along. Unless you have felt the confusion that I felt, you will never understand what happened with me and Philippe. I guess it was God’s plan, but no matter what I will always love him and consider him family.

The Karent/Rodolfo conversation was a tough call. Alexia really did not want to say anything, since she didn’t feel it was her place. We all struggled and discussed at nauseum whether it was better to keep it to ourselves or to share the information. We all asked ourselves, would “WE” in the same situation want to know. We agreed that it would be best if Alexia shared the information with Karent’s closest friend Lisa and then let her decide whether she wanted to tell Karent. To this day I’m not sure why Karent had to be told about the article in front of all of us; it had to have been very painful and humiliating. If I was Lisa, I would have taken her into a private room alone to tell her.