Marysol Patton

Marysol couldn't believe Karent had Joe Francis repeat his story in front of Romain.

on Oct 25, 2012

A recent article had come out in our local newspaper, The Miami Herald, which was rather insulting and had been eating away at me for a few weeks. The article painted a disrespectful and insulting picture of the hard working women in our cast, and quite frankly the entire Housewives franchise.
As a result of this article, you may have noticed a lack of patience on my part towards Karent and her recent social blunders. No, I am not jumping on the band wagon to beat up on Karent, because quite frankly, I do not dislike her. I did however think this article was inappropriate, insulting, and could have been completely avoided.
I arrived at Lisa’s lingerie fundraising event quite happy to be there. I think Lisa did a great job, and I see many philanthropic strides in her future. I had not been at the event more than three minutes and was barely clinging to my cocktail when Karent swoops in to tell me that my attire is not acceptable to Joanna’s liking. Really? I mean, I barely know Karent. We have exchanged a few hellos and glances up until this point. In fact, she hardly knew any of us. Furthermore, if Joanna was so upset, she could have very easily come up to me and we would have discussed it, which we eventually did later that evening.
This welcome to the party "greeting" by Karent irritated me tremendously; and as we saw in this episode, it clearly set the tone for the disaster that became the rest of the evening. While no one really wants to attack or shift the blame to anyone specifically, we also cannot ignore the fact that Karent was somehow connected to the unfortunate events that followed.