Marysol Patton

Marysol shares her hopes for each of the ladies.

on Dec 20, 2012

For Lisa, I hope that she will have the family she has longed for. I have faith and believe that her dreams are right around the corner waiting for her…

For Ana, I hope that her life and that of her daughters is a happy one regardless of her divorce from Robert. She has raised two amazing daughters, who are much stronger than she thinks they are, and through them she will gain her emotional strength.

For Alexia, I pray that everyday Frankie gets closer to the place he was before the accident. I know this has been so hard for her and her family, and I hope that their love and unbreakable bond as a family becomes stronger through all of the obstacles that have touched their lives.

For Joanna, I hope that she and Romain continue loving each other with respect and with that, find peace in their relationship to make it official and become husband and wife.

For Karent, I hope that she finds a great man that loves her and only her for everything she has to offer. I also hope that she too has that family that she desires very, very soon!